London Adventures – Steak and Lobster

Well, lovely readers, I don’t often blog about food, but today I had to make an exception.

Today, I went to Steak and Lobster (the Warren Street Branch), with Mummy CB.

Before I throw a load of photos your way, I should point out, I was drawn in by one of their signs. Steak and Lobster have two options on their main course menu – either a 10oz Ribeye or a Whole Lobster, both served with bottomless fries and salad. All for £20. Beaut.

My day job right now is very central, so I was slightly worried about the restaurant being busy, I was able to book online, same day with so much ease, which was lovely, a real difference. Booking is laid out in 30 min blocks, and you get a table for two hours.

Here’s some photos, see my thoughts underneath (some images are a little out of focus, but then when you involve steak….)

steak and lobster cat sculpture
steak and lobster menu IMG_4566
steak and lobster fries IMG_4565

The Warren Street branch is actually part of a hotel, but you barely notice, and the little touches like the cute sculptures and condiments in tiny kilner jars all add to the atmosphere.

My momma chose the lobster (‘bit chewy in places’ ‘Oh my godddd’) – so a thumbs up.

My steak had a tiny bit too much fat, but it was an insane cut and so tender, proper beaut.

Our fries were pretty nice, we may have had second helpings, and I am dying to get hold of their salad dressing recipe.

All in all, really really nice meal. It’s a bargain for the quality and location, and I’d urge you all the give it a go.

Have any of you visited Steak and Lobster? Do you agree with the concept of upfront pricing and minimal dining experiences?

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