London Adventures: Wimbledon 2014

Don’t forget about my Summer giveaway a perfect addition to Wimbledon!

On Saturday, myself, my sister and my friend Shaziya made our annual pilgrimage to Wimbledon.

It’s now the third year in a row for my sister and I, and a first every visit for Shaziya (who also has an awesome food blog so you should check it out!).

Now, we weren’t ‘lucky’ enough to get centre court tickets via the annual ballot, instread opting to do the thing that brits love best, and queue real early for access to the coveted Murray Mount.

One of the great things about Wimbledon, is that they allow you to take a picnic, and drink into their venue, so it can be a real cheap event if you need it to be. Every year we pack a picnic bag stuffed with our favourite treats from Marks and Spencer, as well as some champagne and wine.

Our alarms were set for 4.30am, with a 5.00am taxi pickup, (I swear our driver hit every red light on the way down), but by 6.00am we had made it to SW19 and were already queuing.

When you first arrive, staff line you up, and brandish you with these:

wimbledon queue guide

The guide. Also note my tennis ball coloured nails and our twee picnic blanket.

queue card wimbledon

This marks your place in the queue, it means that noone can push in front of you. Perfect.

The queue guide and card are really nice additions to the experience, considering you will be queueing for quite some time. If you get there early enough you can snag tickets for centre court, would you believe people arriving around 9pm on Friday to camp weren’t even eligible for court tickets as there were so many camped out? Awful stuff.

We made friends with our neighbours, all of us attempting a crossword together.

wimbledon queue newspaper

We almost completed this one, and only made up ONE of the answers, HONEST.

After being very comfortable and looking at blue skies all morning, it was time for the real queue. What they call the ‘Queue Experience’…

wimbledon awaits

Wimbledon awaits…

andy murray wimbledon

Lots of silhouettes make up the queue experience, this has got to be a fave right?

The whole thing is really well done, and such a lovely touch – even the barriers are tennis nets! So clever.

The queue experience probably takes around 40 mins, and there’s a few stands giving out free coffee or juice or doing giveaways.

We got into the grounds (a ticket to the grounds and courts 3-19 is £20), and went straight to Henman Hill/Murray Mound(Mount?) to set up camp.

henman hill wimbledon

Murray Mount or Henman Hill? What do you prefer?

henman hill

wimbledon 2014 sign at the top of the hill

Sadly, Saturday was a total washout with only a couple of games on (centre court naturally), and so soaked to be bone and a little pimms drunk, we headed to Wimbledon village to grab the tube.

This is my last year here doing this, so let’s hope the Australian Open is just as fun!

Have you ever been to Wimbledon?





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