London Adventures – Alexandra Palace Farmer’s Market

Well this is fun. The new wordpress editor DELETED my original post. Ho hum. Let’s try this again shall we…

farmer's market sign

My local farmer’s market takes place every Sunday in Alexandra Park (right by the Muswell Hill entrance).

I live close to the Alexandra Palace Station entrance, which is around a 10 minute walk to the market.

The market is a slightly boosted version of a typical market, (there’s a pub, some hot food to-go and local crafts amongst the fresh produce). Vegans also get well fed here.

I think the champions of this market are the meat and cheese sellers, everything is fresh and local, and there’s an amazing pie stand. We call him ‘the pie man’ – he also sells amazing croquettes and these incredible looking scotch eggs.

scotch egg farmer's market

I think the one in the picture is a chorizo one, but I definitely couldn’t resist picking up a regular one. That egg inside looked too good!

If you have a few hours to kill on a Sunday and you fancy a change, then the market is definitely a great option. Just remember to bring cash (and lots of it, the food here is not cheap). It’s slightly expensive, but the food is super fresh and tastes amazing. My shoddy photos do not do it justice!

My highlights include the lady who only sells fresh lemonade with mint and the hog roast. 

cheese toasties pimms cup portuguese tartmarket stall


 After our stroll, the heavens opened quite suddenly so we decided to pop into our local pub, The Gate for a quick half pint, and a spot of lunch (shhh).

As you can see below, the weather was AWFUL.

local pub half pint


Our local pub is known for their fresh pizza kitchen, so I chose to eat a small snack, and went for the ‘tomato and mozzarella fondue

OH MY WORD. It was pizza dough fingers and a warm pizza sauce and mozarella dip. I did not take pictures because I ate it too fast, but WOW, it was some good stuff!

Sadly, the dog was not impressed with the rain and long walk, but he had himself a good old nap when we got home!

german spitz

If you want more info on the market, check out the link here, or better yet, just pop down and visit!

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