London Adventures – Homeslice, Covent Garden

pizza homeslice

I met my mum for our usual Wednesday night dinner date. Ignoring our usual craving for Nandos, we decided to hit up Homeslice after hearing great things about them, mostly from Anna and Lily!

It was a lot smaller than we anticipated so had a little tight squeeze between grumbling tourists who did not want to move their bags (tough), and it was only 5.20pm – so I guess, be prepared if you’re heading there much later!

The charming staff soon put our minds at ease, and the lack of space was all but forgotten when some complimentary water was promptly delivered to our table within minutes of sitting down.

The concept is simple:

  • Giant menu on the wall
  • Pizzas are served either whole or by the slice (only a small number are available by the slice)
  • Pizzas come in one size, gargantuan
  • 50/50 is OKAY

pizzas homeslice

Naturally, we went for the 50/50 option because the whole menu looked delicious. We picked Cauliflower Cheese, Aubergine and Harissa on one half and Salami, Rocket and Parmesan on the other.

Although we spent our food waiting time looking on in awe at the other diners, and their mammoth meals, our jaws still dropped when our pizza arrived.

Served on a wooden pallete, with a massive pizza cutter, the restaurant let you sort out portion sizes. You are handed paper plates, which adds to the New York rustic charm and there is no cutlery in sight.

pizza slice home slice


I’m a folder, and Homeslice receive top marks for serving up a pizza with the perfect ‘droop’, ideal for folding!

The cauliflower cheese half was incredible. The sauce was light, aubergines perfectly cooked and the harissa sauce added the perfect balance of spice. The salami side was also delicious, I’m not actually a huge fan of meaty pizzas but this was the perfect respite from the cheese heaven on the other side.

I also had a coke, and the entire meal only came to £22.50, so for £11.25 each, I think it’s perfectly reasonable considering you’re getting almost half a metre of pizza in Central London.

I am so sad I only really tried this place with just two weeks left to go in the UK, hopefully there will be something in Melbourne that can match it!

What is your favourite type of pizza?

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9 responses to “London Adventures – Homeslice, Covent Garden

  1. I know this post is a post about pizza, but when you mentioned Nandos it made me remember how good the food is. We have Nandos in a few places here in the U.S. and I have been a couple of times and Nandos is amazing. As for pizza if you are ever in NYC they have this pizza place in Queens called Valentino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant that serves amazing pizza such as Chicken basil pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza or the Mozzarella and Tomato Pizza. The thing I like most about the pizza is the sesame seed crust.


    • Nandos for us is like a posh version of a KFC, like it’s fast food, but good quality. THey’re everywhere here! I will be in NYC next year, so I am definitely checking that place out for sure, sesame seed crust pizzas sound like the bomb! :) x


  2. Looks amazing! Great find, the droop is key and the cauliflower sounds different, a welcome change from the norm. Thanks for sharing!


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