The wallflower’s guide to taking risks

risk taking advice and tips

I have already written a blog post on being shy, and thought I should follow it up with another with a bit more focus on travel.

You don’t often associate shy folks with risk taking especially when it comes to travel and vacations. I am writing this as I am nearing the end of a house sit in Queensland (not a hostel or hotel), and have to pack my life back into a suitcase again, and head down to Melbourne, Victoria for more house sitting.

1. Remember to listen to yourself and what you want

The problem with being shy is that we’re not expected to have opinions, it’s really important to remember this above everything else. If you have always been intrigued by those trips to Antarctica, then it’s okay!

2. Don’t slow down

Risk taking will take you out of your comfort zone, sometimes you don’t have to be as prepared as possible. Booked a last minute flight? Text a friend and go out and celebrate with some impromptu beers or ice cream. When you’re in the moment, the adrenalin will catch you, so enjoy it.

I traveled Route 66 with no GPS and no hotels booked, instead we stayed in towns we liked the look of.

3. Try group travels

If you’re not sure about traveling solo just yet, try an agency or group trip for young people.

Contiki have the perfect balance of risk and comfort. If you’re not brave enough to travel on your own just yet, they will give you perfectly tailored and planned trips, feed and water you, pair you up with a travel buddy. At the end you will have heaps of new friends and travel opportunities ahead.

These trips are on my wish list:

The Northern Adventure (USA)

Rock and Red – (Part of Australia I am yet to see, but dying to!).

4. Take the leap

I hate sounding like a cliche, but life is too short. Think of what you might miss if you’re sitting at home doing nothing. Got a few spare hours? Go to the park with a book. If you have a few spare days, Why not take a train/mini road trip to the beach/countryside? Start small. Take chances, you will be so grateful you did.

So go, take tiny risks , and remember baby steps will become strides before you know it.

(This post was not sponsored by Contiki, I just think they’re pretty rad).

side note: I’m going to be in Melbourne for AFL grand finals week, so if any of you fancy a blogger beer or too, hit me up on email ( or twitter @claireinthesnow

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