Australian Adventures – The great real estate hunt #3

Well, we got the apartment and we’re pretty stoked.

Yesterday was a mad rush to IKEA to pick up last minute bits, we have most of the basics down.

It’s unfurnished, and as mentioned in another blog post, you need to bring everything, even a fridge. (There is a cooker, thankfully). We just need to pick up the mattress, track down a fridge and sofa, all by Tuesday.

The contract gets signed today and we’re in on Tuesday.

There are some great companies here who sorted out all our utilities at once, so we’ll have gas, electric and water from the day we move in. Double bonus.

We decided to opt for the ‘NBN’ (a type of broadband for you non dwelling aussies out there) and we went with a company called Belong. You don’t need a phone line, and there’s no fixed contract. I wish this sort of thing was available in the UK! That gets sorted on Thursday. THURSDAY. This is unheard of. We’ll only have a day or so with no internet, pretty amazing stuff, Australia.

I’m really stoked to have a place I can finally call home. I have the exposed brick I’ve wanted for years, and skylights, and so much space, I’m not sure I will know what to do. I want to fill it with all the teal coloured things and hang my artwork. I want to watch TV with Keegan, and cuddle on our awesome new sofa, whilst it pours down with rain outside. I want the simple things, and I really can’t wait.

Here’s a shot of the kitchen, it’s so CUTE.

real estate, moving

Our cute tiny kitchen!

Has anyone else moved house recently, how stressed were you on a scale of 1-Stressed?

3 responses to “Australian Adventures – The great real estate hunt #3

  1. Congrats on getting the place! Judging by comments made by friends, the Melbourne & Sydney rental scenes are a bit crazy so I’m pleased you’ve managed to get somewhere quite quickly. I have to admit, I have no idea what I’m going to do when I end up moving out as the thought of having to buy all my whitegoods and furniture again sends me in to shock mode! It’s so much easier being able to rent a fully furnished place in London!


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