My first Christmas in a new country

christmas twinkle lights

December 25, 2014 marked my first ever Christmas in a brand new country. It was also my first ever Christmas I have spent without being with my family. I feel amazed and privileged I managed 30 straight Christmas Days in the presence of my parents and siblings. This year, naturally, it was different, and I was to spend Christmas day with the in-laws on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Main Differences


Well yes, I’m in the Southern Hemisphere now. Woolly hats and big coats have been exchanged for perma jean shorts and a brand new pair of Havaianas (I caved).

Summer in December is remarkably odd when you’re not used to it. You don’t walk into stores to escape the cold, instead you’re escaping the heat, longing for a bit of air conditioning. You start to rate which stores do it better, avoiding the ones who can only spare the budget for a fan in the back of the shop.

The Food.

  • Surprisingly, Christmas Day isn’t too different. Just some added mixed salad, and all enjoyed from the comfort of outdoor dining.
  • The heat also made me eatย lessย than usual. A welcome change.
  • I’m still having chocolate for breakfast, and it’s still absolutely acceptable at this time of year.

…and that’s it.

No real massive changes, no huge tradition differences, just festive celebrations and great food with loved ones. This is what Christmas is really about.

…and before you ask, no, we did not have twinkle light strewn palm trees, and have a BBQ instead of a roast dinner. Proper tree. Proper gifts and a huge turkey.

I hope you all had a brilliant time, and if you’re considering some traveling over the 2015 holiday period. Go for it. Life is way too short to dwell.

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