Become a tourist in your hometown

become a local tourist

We all know that January sucks. No money and post Christmas depression just makes us all want to book another holiday, even though we’ve just had time off.

How do we get out, and still have fun for the next 30 days without becoming a slave to Netflix? Become a tourist in your own city of course!

Now, I know we don’t all live in a big town or city, so I’ve tried to amend these tips for everyone.

Research local events.

farmer's market sign

Google your local councils homepage, and see if there are any free community events or festivals coming up. Chances are there’s probably something for everyone.

Additionally, tackle it, like you would tackle a holiday, even check out trip advisor to see what other tourists recommend!

My local council lists all the farmer’s markets in the area (a massive favourite of mine), which leads us to…

Visiting markets/craft fairs/car boot sales

cheese toasties

Do your digging and research, see if there are any vintage fairs or car boot sales in the pipeline. Pick up a great bargain for a fraction of the price. I’ve bought a vintage vinyl player for £3 and some 1950s costume jewellery for even less – the bargains are out there!

If it’s winter in your area, please remember to wrap up warm!

Check out the museums, finally.

natural history museum

Lying on the grass outside the Natural History Museum. THAT SKY.

When you live in a town or city with a museum, sometimes there is a ‘oh, I’ll go next week’ mentality about museums. If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, your museum is probably and very luckily free – so spend skint January checking them out.

Go and see a local play.

For the same price as a cinema ticket, your local theatre (not big musicals, here), will probably be showing something amazing, starring local people. As it’s the theatre, you can make a night of it, dress nicely, have a glass of wine and thoroughly enjoy your evening.

Check out National Parks.

Morgan's Blood Waterfall

Do you have access to a car or do your friends have a car? Are you close to countryside or some hills? Hiking around some national parks and the short journey there, not only feels like a road trip, but the getaway to the countryside can also be really refreshing.

Remember, this is your turf.

You already know the shortcuts, sidestreets, and small cafes for a little spot of brunch.

Just walk.

mangawhai view sunset

Got a free day, and the morning is one of those beautiful crisp winter mornings? Take your camera, some music and warm clothing, and head out for a walk. You never know what you might discover.

travel apps

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How about you? Any additional ideas for being a tourist in your own town?


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