House sit your way to a free vacation

There’s been a lot of hype around House Sitting in the Australian media at the moment, but what is it exactly, and why does it mean you get a free vacation?

So, what is it?

blonde labradoodle

pet sitting is often part of the house sitting package.


House Sitting is exactly what it says on the tin. You’re looking after someone’s house, whilst they’re out of town. Simple as.

Optional extras also include a spot of pet sitting, or pool care into the mix, but in general, you’re living in someone else’s house for short-medium periods of time, rent free.

Test it out by trying local first.

house sitting pool house

The view from the pool house in House Sit #2.

We’ve been lucky enough to have done 3 of ours through friends or family friends. This is a really good starting point and one I recommend before going headfirst into it.

It’s worth tweeting or posting a facebook status just letting your closer circles know you’re available to look after their house and animals if they’re heading off on a holiday soon.

pet sitting in melbourne cat sitting in melbourne

House sitting for strangers

oasis collections costa rica

You could get to experience living in your dream home for a few weeks!

I know there are heaps of House Sitting agencies after a humble google search, but these are my picks:

Yes, there is a fee to pay to join these agencies, and you’re not guaranteed a house sit. However, if you’re serious, and have an amazing profile, selling yourself, you’re highly likely to be selected. The agency will also vet both sides to ensure that both are reputable.

If the fee is putting you off, it’s worth remembering a $59 annual fee ($4.91 per month) is a drop in the water compared to the price you will pay for accommodation/rent on a vacation.

What if something goes wrong?

flooded basement

Sometimes bad things happen! – pic from

It might also seem daunting, but the home owner will give you a WHOLE list of all the things you need (emergency vets, plumbers, superintendent, landlord etc…).

If something does go wrong, don’t panic, that’s just life. Stuff goes wrong sometimes, you won’t be considered a bad house sitter if the washing machine packs up.

House Sitting – The pros

free vacation house sitting

FREE VACAYS! – pic from

  • House sitting can be rewarding, fun and offer free constant vacations.
  • It’s perfect for bloggers, because working remotely is in our blood.
  • Sometimes pets can be involved, fluffy cuddles are always welcome.
  • Rent free, bill free, beautiful surroundings.

House Sitting – The cons

bad party

Don’t do it for the parties – pic from

  • It’s not your house, if you’re thinking wild parties are in, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.
  • You have to be quite flexible, and ready to travel at a moment’s notice.
  • If they have slow/minimal internet, you have to deal I’m afraid!
  • You have to maintain the upkeep for an entire property. Treat it with respect, not like a hotel.
  • You could be anywhere, it’s probably worth making sure you have a car – that remote cottage 2 hours from a supermarket might seem perfect at first, but we’ve all seen The Shining…

It’s SO much fun…

House Sitting is wonderful. For us, it gave us a base in Melbourne for our first 6 weeks here, so we were able to job hunt, and discover the city without having to worry too much.

It can be the key to a new adventure, or a good ‘real world’ practice away from your parents, whatever your reasons for wanting to do it, it is completely worth it.

Have you ever done an extended house sit? What are your tips? Any horror stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 responses to “House sit your way to a free vacation

  1. Pingback: House sit your way to a free vacation·

    • Yeah it’s a tad different to things say, like Air BnB (which is also amazing), but instead House Sitting is like doing someone a favour, in my eyes it’s not too fair to charge rent to someone who is essentially ‘working’ to look after your property. Especially out here in Australia, when people have bigger houses/yards!


  2. I have never house sit a home before but I have actually just heard of this recently so I think it’s funny that you wrote a post about it! It might be a sign that I should start house sitting haha I don’t know how common it is to house sit homes here in the USA but I wouldn’t mind doing it… I would just be afraid of breaking something in the new house lol! Great post :)



    • I’d definitely recommend it, I think it’s more of a thing here in Australia, because people take long vacations! It’s a fun way to try things out. also operate in the US I think!! x


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