Etsy favourites: True Blue

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I can spend hours getting lost in Etsy, it’s my favourite site for spotting something quirky from an indie designer, and it’s quite often my destination when buying birthday gifts for friends (or myself).

Blue is my favourite colour, so it seemed fitting to have a little scour for items in the prettiest hue of all.

blue whale decoration.

$54.00 – SlippinSouthern on Etsy

Moby the whale would look amazing in my new house. He’d definitely look very proud sitting on my bookshelf guarding my comic books. He is $54 from the SlippinSouthern store, and would also compliment the amazing Kraken from the same store.

I am firmly in the ‘for’ camp with the hippie necklace trend, and this beauty of a blue gem is by Hawaiian designer, MermaidTears. Each necklace is individually made, and unique, so you know you’re getting something pretty, made just for you. Her shop is bursting at the brim with all kinds of quartz, and each piece is hand crafted from glass collected on Oahu beach. Swoonsome.

I love the simplicity of this geometric cushion by VF Illustration. I think it’ll look lovely on my new sofa and as it’s only £10, I’ll be buying the matching yellow one too.

My love for screen prints is not a secret, but I’ve always struggled with what to hang in a kitchen. I think this ‘You only live once’ print is PERFECT and tongue in cheek, and it’s going to look incredible against our exposed brick wall. Printdesignstudio have really captured the ‘quote’ trend and there’s something in their store for everyone.

I love how simple this vintage style navy circle skirt is. It’s pretty much perfect for our impending Autumn, and looks very swishable (the most important thing when buying skirts). The Americana obsessed girl in me loves this to death, as I can wear it for work without looking over the top. Store owners Mokkafiveoclock also make it in red and black.

I’m thinking of making my etsy scouring a regular thing, so if there are any themes you would like to see, just let me know in the comments below! Do you have any favourite Etsy stores?

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