Hangover hel(l)p

beer and ale

I’m not a party animal by any means, but sometimes there’s nothing more fun than letting your hair down, going dancing and having some fun with your friends.

The next day however, well…it’s never pretty.

adventure time hangover

I get pretty terrible hangovers, and I’ve kind of tried everything – so here’s a few of my tips on trying to make the morning after the night before a little less painful.

I am not a doctor, nor do I claim that these are sure fire cures to culling a hangover, everyone is different!

1. Limit your intake.

It’s fairly obvious, but it’s worth knowing when to stop. Sometimes I alternate my drinks with full fat coke, or some tap water.

2. The badger effect

Drink a heap of water before you go to bed, and make sure you keep some on your bedside table when you wake up mid-morning with a throat like a badgers backside.

3. Hydrate

Avoid caffeine. Have some extra hydrating coconut water handy in the fridge too. Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day, (and try not to gulp it). Sipping it is much less harsh on your tummy if your stomach isn’t feeling the best.

4. Bananarama

Bananas are wonderful. I had a client at an alcohol awareness charity back in London, and she told me blending, bananas, honey, yoghurt, oats and milk into a smoothie is a great way to help kick the crap out of that pounding head. Tastes awesome too.

5. Give into cravings

Have all the pizza! Binge on Netflix! Just kick back and revel in that fact you’re wasting an entire day. It’s okay. You deserve it.

…and remember, you only have to wait until next weekend to do it all over again.

If you have any hangover tips, let me know in the comments below.

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