What’s in my tote bag?

tote bag header

These are my favourite type of blog posts to read, mostly because I’m naturally a bit nosy!

I tend to alternate between a couple of bags, but my tote is my go-to if I’m doing something a little more casual like a gig, or popping to the shops or grabbing a coffee.

Firstly, the tote – it’s pretty incredible huh? It’s an off white standard tote that’s really durable and washing machine friendly.

The bag itself is a rabbit singing Ignition to another rabbit. Surely It doesn’t get more incredible than that? It appears to be sold out now, but you can still pick up totes from the same store on Etsy, Gallons of Ink. They have lots of tea related puns. Brilliant.

tote bag r kelly

There’s also my myki card case, an Adventure Time travelcard holder I picked up in Forbidden Planet when I was still living in London. I’m a tad obsessed with Adventure Time, especially the intro art. It’s also currently in their sale and only £1.99 – you lucky things.

adventure time card holder

A bag just isn’t a bag without a wallet. I actually really struggle with buying purses and can never find anything I like. Mine is from Accessorize and has this cute owl shaped clasp. It’s sold out now, but if you’re really owl crazy, Accessorize sell this alternative in blue and it’s super pretty.

accessorize wallet

My diary is from Typo and has been featured in this post previously; there’s a day to a page, so it’s great for keeping organised without having to rely on my phone. The pen is from Muji, and it’s a cute shade of pale blue. It’s from their gel pen range and only £1. Very dangerous if you’re a stationery lover.

The make-up

Shockingly, I don’t tend to carry a lot of makeup out and about with me if I’m doing the casual thing, it’s heavy and pretty pointless lugging it all around. A long time ago I worked out that I only needed a few select bits, and these are what I normally have with me.

makeup bag cath kidston

Standouts for me are my Smashbox limitless eyeliner in Onyx, it’s matte and tends to really last, so rarely needs a waterline topup. SPF is arguably the most important thing here though, and I have mine decanted into an old sample bottle.

Cath Kidston pencil case in dinosaur print and a floral mirror – these were both gifts and haven’t left my bag since.
Rimmel – Wake me up concealer – Ivory // Real Techniques  pointed foundation brush (I use it for concealer, instead)
Maybelline Babylips – Smoothing Cherry // Smashbox limitless pencil eyeliner in Onyx
Bourjois rouge edition velvet – Hot Pepper // SPF

Honourable mention: Gum.

So there you have it. Am I missing out on anything major here? Let me know in the comments below!

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