Etsy favourites: quirky Valentine’s cards


etsy favourites

Yeah, yeah I know, it’s uncool to like Valentine’s Day. I’m sort of on the fence really, I refuse to go for meal out or anywhere else ‘date worthy’ but I will be cooking a nice meal for me and Keegan and we’ll probably play Mario Kart 8 all night or something. Perfect.

We’ll probably exchange cards, so I’ve delved into the depths of Etsy to try and find something awesome for him.

The self deprecating, slightly lazy human in me adores this. Would you climb a mountain for your love?

bacon card


Why say it with flowers, when you can say it with Bacon? Even better, a card with the word Bacon emblazoned across the front. Go one step better, and make them some bacon flowers. They’re worth it.


I love the small print on this card. Mostly because it’s 100% accurate.


You’re the only weiner for my bun. Gross. Cute. Cute and gross. I love it.

Last year, I sent my boyfriend a Scott Pilgrim e-card as we were long distance, but this year I have eons of choice.

Do you have any favourite, funny/weird valentine’s cards? Please share links in the comments below.

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