Etsy favourites – don’t be a mug

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I can’t believe another Friday has come around again, 2015 is already flying by. There’s no question I spend my days with a cup of tea surgically attached to my hand, so I thought it totally apt to try and hunt down some of the coolest mugs to decorate your house/workplace with.

Oh lovely BearCat mug. I love how he’s just popping down to see you. Let his judging eyes inform your colleagues you’re not ready to do business until you’ve finished supping your brew.

Lyndsey has also designed heaps of animal mugs, I’m also a big fan of the snoozy red panda.

Black ceramic mug – $66 – Kina Ceramic Design

This ceramic mug looks more like a work of art than a tool for drinking from. It holds a whopping 450ml too! I love the design, and that it also comes in white. It’s absolutely perfect. In love.

Vodka Cup and Saucer. $46

When I was doing my 2nd degree, we held a sort of ‘house-cooling’ – the opposite of a house warming, for when you’re vacating where you live. Anyhow, the theme was ‘Scones and Vodka’, everyone dressed up to the max and we sat around eating cake and drinking wine and vodka from tea cups until the sun came up. That was one of my favourite parties from my uni days, and I think this mug is the perfect reminder of that whole period. Plus, we’re all guilty of drinking booze from a cup when we’re too lazy to wash up. Five stars.

Stoneware mug – $27.41

This vintage style stoneware mug is a total match for my current apartment, I love that whole 1970s vibe, and it would fit right in with the decor. It really is beautiful! It’s also hand made so you know that a lot of extra love was thrown into it.

Still on the stoneware vibe, I came across this handmade beauty of a mug. It’s so pretty. You can tell this is the kind of mug that will last for years to come. It’s simple, but absolutely gorgeous.

How about you? Are you a monster sized kind of mug, or do you like something more delicate? Do you even drink tea? Let me know in the comments below!

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