Back in the UK

map of wales

I’ve been back in the UK for less than a week now, and it honestly feels very strange! Below you will read a collective brain dump of the past few days…


The jetlag has more or less eased off, but I’ve definitely caught a mini cold from some cheeky bugger on the plane.

I’ve not done a whole lot really. Though I’ve popped into the Welsh town my parents live in, and wandered the aisles of stores that don’t exist in Australia. I gawped in awe at most of the things in Boots, and I ate a gregg’s pasty with aplomb.

Oh, window shopping, how I missed you!


I hate to say it, but honestly, the fashion here in the UK is miles above that of our Southern Hemisphere counterparts – I actually find window shopping here enjoyable in comparison.

It’s also been nice to reconnect with my parents and family face to face again, and I’m stoked to be here for the next few weeks whilst visa processing takes place.

Birthday plans and future posts…

It’s my birthday next weekend, so I’m heading to Manchester to meet with my joint maids of honour, so we can discuss what needs to be done from a hot summertime aussie wedding through to my last minute hen party!

I’ve picked up some interesting beauty buys (including the BEST jet-lagged-skin-curer), and I’m stoked to get writing about this and all my wedding plans! So watch this space.

2 responses to “Back in the UK

  1. I definitely miss the shops too in the UK! Glad you’re having a relaxing time catching up with everyone :) I’m still dreading the submission of my partner visa (and how expensive it is!).

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook


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