The bargain jet lag skin saviour

loreal skin care

Yep, it happened again, I got dry skin on the flight home. It doesn’t matter that I was moisturising so much that my face looked permanently soaking wet. Dehydration was inevitable.

Here’s what I found to get my skin back on track:

L’oreal Triple Active – Jour for Sensitive and Dry skin – 50ml.

loreal triple active day cream

L’oreal Triple Active Jour

L’oreal have really struck gold again! Triple Active Jour, is actually from their French range, but I was able to pick it up in B&M Wrexham for a bargainous £3. According to the box, this moisturiser also claims it hydrates and protects skin for 24 hours. I picked up the one for Sensitive and Dry skin because of the jet lag, but it’s also available in Normal/Combo variety too.

Usually I find that most drugstore moisturisers just do ‘okay’ when it comes to properly hydrating travel tired skin. However, I actually don’t really feel too comfortable shelling out for high end products, when they’re not going to last as long.

The method.

Firstly, it has a more gel like consistency than most creams, so you don’t need heaps of it.

I try to apply a really thin layer at least every 1-2 hours I’m awake within 24-48 hours of landing, focusing on the dryer patches in particular. My skins feels tender and at its most vulnerable at this point, so I try and help it as much as I can. I also supplement this with drinking as much water or herbal tea as humanly possible.

Now I’m a few days in, I’m applying it 3-4 times a day, and will continue to do so until my sleeping pattern is fully restored and I don’t feel all clunky in the brain.

My face BEFORE using the cream.

The highs

I also found that I had dry areas around my nose despite not having a cold (I do now, but not after I landed), this cream honestly banished those dry areas within hours, and they haven’t returned.

My face feels soft, and moisturised, I don’t have any of those nasty plane blemishes that I sometimes get (after one 24 hour flight, I looked like I’d been scratched all over my cheek). All in all, I’m really chuffed with this, especially since it was less than a fiver.

The lows

I bought it in a store that may never stock it again and don’t let you buy online. Would it be weird to go to France to bulk-buy it?

There’s also no anti aging magic in it, so it’s not a wrinkle banisher, so I’ve been using my usual anti aging cream morning and night to supplement it.

Bonus round

The tiny packaging means I will be able to bring another bottle on the aircraft with me when I head back over there!


Drinking water and putting moisturiser on your face won’t cure jet lag altogether. You must try and get outside into direct sunlight a little, and try and forge a little bit of routine. Messed up sleeping patterns can fudge up your skin just as much as air travel. If you want more tips for dealing with jet lag, I wrote this post here, back in September.

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