CW’s The Flash – Did Eddie Thawne kill Nora Allen?

eddie thawne reverse flash

Photo credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

N.B No spoilers here. Just theorising!

If you’re a regular reader, you will know that I am a self professed comic book nerd.

I have been LOVING the CW’s interpretation of The Flash, and I have been spending quite a bit of time theorising all the possible outcomes with my other half.

One character that keeps popping up, that we can’t quite pigeonhole is Eddie Thawne, Detective Pretty Boy. Here is my take on who I think he is or may turn out to be.

N.B I do not profess to be a comic book or DC Universe expert, I just love them. These are my thoughts and theories and not ‘facts’ – this is just how I would love to see the show develop.

Time Travel theory

If Harrison is a future version of Barry (that’s a whole other theory), and not an evil reverse flash, is he back in this exact time loop to either protect/stop Barry from discovering another character he encountered in his future timeline…? Perhaps Eddie Thawne?

The Cobalt Blue Theory.

This is a distinct possibility : A long lost twin storyline, and a rivalry already set with Eddie’s super speedy and convenient tryst with Iris.

  • Eddie is also VERY secretive, all we seem to know is that he referred to his dad as a ‘politician’ – we have heard/seen very little else.
  • We have 0 emotional attachment to him, are we being set up for a new villain in the form of Cobalt Blue?

Who is Cobalt Blue?

  • In short, in the comics, Cobalt Blue is Malcolm Thawne – Barry’s long lost twin, separated at birth by the doctor.  His upbringing kinda sucked, considering his con artist ‘parents’ subjected him to a terribly abusive and horrific childhood.
  • Upon discovery that not only were they twin brothers, but that Barry also had a loving parents in comparison, he becomes angry/resentful at the Allen’s, turning to sorcery, ultimately powered by a blue stone. (I’m not sure if this is the way they are going with the show).
  • Regardless, the powers he develops enable him to do/steal anything he desires, including Barry’s super speed. He can also time travel/shapeshift/powers of persuasion etc…
  • After stealing Barry’s powers, he MAY then reverse engineer the suit/lightning colours. It would also explain how the yellow suit is powered by a central core, the cobalt stone?
the yellow suit flash

Image credit: The CW

Back to time travel

  • I strongly believe that the ‘shit we’re twins’ discovery is way ahead in the future, so we might see some flash-forwards of an Eddie/Harrison twin stand off ala Superman III? Let’s hope so! :D
  • It’s definitely clear that Eddie physically changes his appearance as he is not recognised by Wells.

Did Eddie Thawne kill Nora Allen?

  • The motive of the revenge attack killing his and Barry’s mother makes way more sense now – with Eddie resentful he was given away (unaware that it was the doctor who lied to the Allen’s). I’m also certain that Cisco’s bloodwork wasn’t 100% accurate, but he assumed the blood was Barry’s, because he is the only known speedster to Cisco at the time’.

(I’m aware that Cobalt isn’t strictly a reverse flash, however it’s the CW and he may emulate some of the characteristics of his descendants…)

So what do you think? Is Eddie the resentful long lost twin from the future, hellbent on stealing everything that Barry loves? Let’s see how it unfolds…

EDIT: It seems I’m not 100% correct, I won’t spoil it for anyone who isn’t caught up, but you’re in for a corker of a mid season!

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