Getting through a cold

cold tissues tips

There’s nothing worse than getting a cold, no matter what time of year it is.

Weirdly, I only tend to get them at most, once a year (In one job I only had 2 sick days in two years), but when they do hit, I find they’re pretty full on.

I thought I would leave you my tips for how I get through my cold, and go back to being my healthy happy self. Hopefully it will get a couple of you on the road to recovery!

The signs.

I find I can sense a cold coming if I get a sore throat that won’t budge – at this stage I normally overload on vitamin c supplements as well as OJ, eat loads of veg and get a couple of early nights. (This has worked for me a few times!). You might find curbing the early symptoms can *sometimes* prevent the bad stuff from happening.

The cold.

If your vitamin c and sleep combo simply didnt work, and you wake up with that tell-tale foggy head and blocked nose, you more or less have to resign yourself that a cold is coming.

The Meds

  • On the three days that I feel the worst, I take lemsip, one when I wake up, one at lunch and one before bed. (I make sure they are taken more than three hours apart and don’t take ANY other paracetamol with this – if you’re unsure about what you can have, talk to your pharmacist).
  • I am also a big believer of effervescent Vitamin C (you can’t overdose on this, but I try to limit my intake to two a day when sick) and Echinacea (yes, it tastes like poop, I’m sorry).
  • I also step up my water intake, upping my fluids just helps to flush out the toxins that little bit quicker.

Lost appetite? Try soup!

I find when I get sick that I don’t want to eat anything! My tried and tested method is just switching a cup of tea for a cup of soup. Easy. My favourites are the covent garden brand – anything with chili and extra veg!

I also drink a lot of tea, but usually make sure it’s decaffeinated or herbal (and remember, Green tea also has caffeine in it, so you may need to make sure you have the decaf variety of that).


If you’re too sick to work, then don’t! Switch off your emails and switch over to netflix. Stay in bed and just chill out a little. Everybody gets sick now and again.


Do you have any tips that help you through a cold?

NHS direct no longer exists, but if you’re still unsure about your symptoms and want some proper qualified advice, then UK based people can call 111 from their telephone.  

N.B I’m not a qualified doctor, though I do know there is NO CURE for the common cold. These are just my helpful tips about how I cope with one!

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