The ‘delightful’ Marc Jacobs spring scent

daisy delight coffret marc jacobs

Even though I’m only in the UK temporarily, March 21 marked the first day of spring (and my birthday). There’s nothing quite like getting some new beauty bits for the new season, especially as spring is all romantic, and pastels and floral.

I was very happy that my parents brought me some perfume back from their recent trip abroad, and it really doesn’t get more spring-floral than the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight coffret.

The perfumes in this set are, Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh, as well as Daisy Delight and Daisy Delight Eau So Fresh.

In four gorgeous bottles with even more gorgeous packaging, this will make a beautiful addition to any dressing table.

daisy delight top marc jacobs

For me, the Daisy signature is floral but with a modern and pretty twist. Daisy Eau So Fresh pushes that modernity even further and it’s definitely my favourite of the bunch.

Delight Eau So Fresh has this lovely, subtle hint of strawberry, instantly transporting me to Summer evenings spent in the garden.

marc jacobs daisy delight set

I love that the bottles are small, and you’re able to distribute the fragrance as you see fit. There is no wastage like you’d get with the spray. Despite their tiny stature, they also last – a little goes a long way. Tiny bottles are also the perfect handbag size too!

The only downside is that the limited edition bottles are not marked ‘Delight’ but have the same packaging as the original and ESF bottles. The only way to tell them apart is the colour of the daisy on the lid, so make sure you don’t mix them up!

4ml marc jacobs daisy

Available in airports and via Amazon,  the 4 x 4ml of the Daisy range of fragrances is the perfect spring and summer set for anyone embarking on a city break or sun chasing adventure.

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs perfumes? What do you think of them?


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