The perfect brunch – Home Vs Away (Part 1)

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Brunch is one of my favourite meals, whether it means you’re eating at 11am or 2pm, there’s nothing quite like sitting in a local eatery on a lazy Saturday, drinking a bucket of coffee with friends and deconstructing the night before over gorgeous local food.

So when a press release for Lonely Planet’s newest recipe book landed in my inbox, I made one of those ‘OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO GET THIS‘ kind of noises.

loney planet

‘The world’s best brunches – where to find them and how to make them’ combines two of my loves, food and travel. It contains 100 authentic recipes alongside little anecdotes about the origin of each dish.

Whilst you drool over the amazing recipes in this book, and save those pennies for your next city break, here’s a few links and tips to help you create that perfect ‘brunch experience’ in your own home.

The ‘healthy’ one.

My instagram feed is full of tasty looking Acai bowls, whilst I’m not quite sure how to pronounce their name, they look like the perfectly healthy start to any weekend.

Check out this recipe by Rosalie Ruardy.

The ‘not so healthy’ one

My favourite kinds of brunches combine the sweet with the savoury, and this gluten free waffles and eggs with apple and cinammon is making me long for a lazy weekend.

(Coeliacs rejoice! It’s also gluten free!)

Recipe is here.

The tastiest eggs benny.

Sometimes you have to just cook a classic for that perfect weekend pick me up. Who better for inspiration than the great, Gordon Ramsey – you just know it’s gonna taste great.

Check out the recipe here.

The quirky one

sweet potato pancakes

Image courtesy of

I’ve actually made these, and can confess that they are gorgeous. Top with some bacon and maple syrup and voila! Perfect brunch.

Find the recipe here.

All you need now is morning newspapers, some fresh coffee and juice and I’m sure you’ll have your pals queuing at the door!

Tomorrow I’ll be discussing my favourite ‘away’ brunch outlets and places around the world!

You can get more info about the book by clicking here.

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