Birthday treats – smashbox full exposure palette

smashbox full exposure palette

I’ve been looking for a decent eyeshadow palette for the longest time. I’ve toyed with the naked palette, and I must now be one of the only bloggers out there who doesn’t own one (yet).

I happened across the Smashbox Full Exposure palette in Boots in Manchester, and just sorta, fell in love.

There are 7 neutral shades, and 7 complimentary shimmer shades, all in neutral tones, with a lovely smoky black for those day to night type looks.

It also comes with a bonus travel sized FE mascara and a double ended brush.

The aim of this palette is to build your look around the shape of your eye – so it includes a handy booklet telling you how to apply three different looks according to shape of your peepers!

smashbox full exposure open

The pros

There’s heaps of pigment in the shadows, so you’ll get more colour payoff with a small amount.

smashbox full exposure

Tiny fingertip swatches: S2, S4, S3, S1

They’re really soft, but can also cope with being applied wet, so you can use your fingers on brush cleaning day, and not have to worry about your shadow being compromised.

Applying wet also means they can be intensified like crazy – perfect if you want some extra drama for a night out.

The HUGE built in mirror is means you can see both eyes at the same time. Ideal for real detailed looks.

The cons

So the brush isn’t the best, but it does a good enough job if you’re in a rush and on the go, it just isn’t ideal for precise corner crease work.

Some of the paler matte shades are perhaps too sheer (I couldn’t see them when swatched), but they do work as a good base or if you need a ‘no make-up make-up’ look for job interviews or work.

I love this palette and can see myself using it for quite some time. Have you tried it out, what do you think?

You can pick up the palette in Boots for £37 or directly on the Smashbox website for the same price.

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