The lazy road tripper’s essential snacks

route 66 home

Every road tripper needs a plethora of snacks to get them through what could be an entire day spent on the road.

Now you should be taking regular breaks, and no matter where you are, highways or motorways have convenient rest areas you can pull away into for a sleep, toilet break or food stop.

If you’re in a large place, like Australia, and you’ve done some driving out there, you may have noticed that garages and convenience food are scarce on the road, and you sometimes have to wait 3 – 4 hours between towns/villages.

Road trips can mean that you have to switch up meal times at the drop of a hat, and schedules go out the window (especially if you have to deal with time zone changes).

Without further ado, here are the low maintenence items with little to no prep that I take on the road to ensure I don’t starve to death or get tempted by McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Make the night before for the first day:

Mixed fruit salad – just chopped up and easy to eat, remember to store in a cooler.

Parma ham and bocconcini – This is another for the cooler, and pretty much a yummy savoury combo. This shouldn’t last past the first day – or it doesn’t on my trips!

Throughout the trip:

Water – I usually buy a big 2L bottle, and top up in either the hotels or where it is safe to do so at rest stops.

Granola bars – If there is literally nowhere to grab breakfast, or your 5am start is too early to even comprehend, a granola bar is great to fill the hole. It also works for me during the 3pm slump too.

Gummy Bears – Not even sorry. Even when you’re eating them at 10am after 5 hours of driving.

Crisps – I am a tad addicted to crisps, and I love having some to nibble on in the car, during my Route 66 drive, we were never without cheetos the entire three weeks.

Peanut butter M&M’s – seriously, just the GREATEST thing.


So there are my choices that help tick over those hours in the road trips before you hit a town, and go wild in their only cafe.

Are there any road trip staples in your car?


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