My staycation beauty bag

weekend beauty bag

I’m about to embark on another weekend away, and though I would show you everything I take with me.

Regular readers will know I’m a little obsessed with travel miniatures, and sometimes I get a bit more excited about packing my weekend bag, than I do traveling!

These are only the things that I think are essential for a long weekend away, and it’s by no means exhaustive. If all you need is shampoo and a bit of shower gel, then that’s cool too – this is just what I like to take with me.

ALSO, everything bar the Cath Kidston products can be bought in Boots – I’m not gonna overstuff this with links for those who don’t live in the UK – but CVS or Priceline should do the trick for those in the US/Aus.

The bag

cath kidston travel bag

The bag itself was a bridal shower/hen party gift from one of my amazing friends. It was packed with loads of travel goodies, and it’s also the perfect size for weekend travel minis!


weekend skincare

When I’m away the last thing I want to think about is a full skincare routine, so I ditch the cleanser and use those naughty facewipes. (shush). They double up as make up remover, and I use them to clean my hands or minor make up slip ups.

My eye roll from Simple on is a god send, (and it’s the only non travel sized item). The formula and metal ball helps soothe tired eyes when sleeping patterns get thrown off from slumbering in strange hotel beds.

Slap on the wrist, cos my moisturiser does not contain SPF, it’s probably the only downside so I make sure I pack a foundation that contains it instead and pack a big bottle of regular spf I can use on my arms and legs.


weekend hair care


Last week my hairdresser told me that both my scalp AND my hair needed a moisture boost. She told me a simple moisturising shampoo should do the trick, so I took her advice. These aussie minis are perfect, and have that signature bubblegum smell that lasts all day.

I also like to make sure I always have a heat defence spray, as I’ll be blow drying and straightening excessively compared to usual.

There’s my Toni and Guy sea salt spray in there, as I’ll be by the sea, and want to have effortless beachy waves with as little work as possible. (hmm…fingers crossed anyway!).

Honourable mentions

weekend essentials


The other usual suspects are shower gel, body cream, deodorant and tooth stuffs.

and yes, ALL of these fit into that tiny bag. I’m a miracle worker, what can I say!

Do you have any staycation essentials? Anything you think I have missed?


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