EOS – Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Review

EOS Lip balmsMy dad recently returned from a trip to Canada, and brought me back a great little souvenir. An EOS gift pack with a whopping 4 balms in it, so I thought it fitting to pop a little review together!

The EOS, (Evolution Of Smooth) lip balms have been doing the beauty blog rounds for a while now. Their quirky packaging and fully natural product list make them a huge hit amongst the guru crowd.

strawberry sorbet EOS The appeal of the unusual outer shell is what got me the most, it’s got a matte and silky feel to the touch, and unscrews to reveal a little 3D pot of balm. They’re really handy to keep in my bag, and I have one on my nightstand and another on my desk.

My pack included, Strawberry Sorbet (Pictured above), Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruits and Sweet Mint.

Sweet Mint is probably my favourite of the 4, I can tell there’s a little peppermint oil in there, from the same tell-all tingle you get from lip plumping glosses.

They all smell divine, but in the most subtle of ways.

I am definitely a convert, and can tell I’m probably going to have to collect more of them. I already have my eye on the Coconut Milk and Honeysuckle ones.

My pack, pictured above was bought overseas, but it is available on Amazon

*Please keep an eye out for fakes, as they’re all over the internet!

Have you ever bought an EOS lip balm? What do you think?

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